Dazzling Stars (age 11 and up)

SS16_StambolianS&GShe’s on the verge of being a teenager, struggling to find her place in the world and you want an activity that will ground her.

She’s in those difficult teenage years where she needs a safe place to express herself.

You took dance when you were younger and miss not only the work out but the camaraderie, the artistic freedom and the physical release dance gave you.

Here she finds an environment where she is accepted for herself, can nurture her love of dance and find an inner peace not afforded by the outside world.

Your dazzling star will be challenged by fabulous dance content while developing their self-esteem and a wonderful body positive self-image in our safe non-competitive environment.

30 minute classes are offered in tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, and acrobatics.  Pointe work will be added for students that meet the requirements.

Private lessons are also offered in the above subjects once students reach eighth grade.  Prices for class will depend on subjects enrolled in.

Students will also be invited to be a part of our community works sparkle squad and in eighth grade can become an apprentice to the teachers.

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“Shooting Star Dance Center is an excellent studio for children to learn, grow and feel content and secure. My daughter has been taught by Miss Katie and Miss Michelle for 10 years. Her love of dance has been nurtured by her teachers and by her friends that have grown with her. The school is focused on learning skills and vocabulary rather than competition. With my daughter’s high paced intense schedule, I find this studio to be a place to learn how to enjoy dancing. My daughter started with ballet and tap but has progressed to include jazz and lyrical dance through the years. These dance skills have helped develop skills in basketball and volleyball. She has learned patience and camaraderie for peers and for younger dancers. The teachers are excellent mentors who lead by example demonstrating compassion, strength of character and charity. I highly recommend this dance studio to any parents looking for dance lessons for their daughter (or son).” – Michelle (parent)

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As schedule and pricing information is dependent on classes taken and age of dancer please contact us for more information to get a more accurate picture.