Little Stars (for daycare centers)

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Little Stars programs provide movement enrichment classes in creative movement and gymnastics to child care centers in the Essex County, NJ area. The goal for Little Stars is to allow every child to express his or her creativity and have fun in an environment where they already feel safe.

Little Stars offers a variety of classes in different locations. Below you will find a list of the classes currently taught in the Little Stars program. While not all classes are offered at all venues, we do our best to work with the needs and wishes expressed by interested parents and facilities.

little stars

Classes Offered

Little Stars Creative Movement:

Picture your child whirling and twirling around the room as they explore fabulous new movements and enchanting themes each month! Our students are charmed by the fresh ideas and props they experience all the while learning the fundamentals of tap and ballet. It is a not to miss experience!

Little Stars Acrobatics:

Bending, twisting, turning and never sitting still – sound like someone you know? Our acrobatics class focuses on building a strong and steady foundation for a smooth transition to harder tricks once coordination, strength and flexibility allow. This class is appropriate for ages 2.5 and older.handstandboy
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