Across the Galaxy (Community Outreach)

Looking to bring a program to your group, center or place of work?  Contact Us and we will help you set up the program/performance you need!

Our current programs being offered are:

Twinkling Stars

Looking for a way to engage your preschoolers?  Look no further!

This FREE program will come to your center twice a year and engage your students in a 30 minute movement class.  (Maximum 15 in a class ages 2 and up.  Multiple classes may be booked in the same day)

Children will be charmed with a magical journey of movement which incorporates the learning of body awareness, socialization and coordination.

For a more permanent program in your center please see Little Stars.

Exercise is good for the body and soul

Silver Stars

This is a FREE program offered to the seniors of our community.  We will come in and provide a 45 minute exercise class that can be done while sitting.

This will give seniors a chance to be active and socialize while enjoying the music and having a great time.

Not seeing something you like?  We also arrange field trips, dance parties, playgroups and much more.  To bring a program to your group or to design your own please contact us.