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Where and when are your classes?

Our classes are held at our studio 403 Broad Street in Bloomfield.  Most classes take place after school, at night and on Saturdays.  Our satellite program Little Stars takes place at the daycare during the morning hours.

What are the different classes you offer?

We offer something for everyone!

For our 2-5 year olds we offer our Sparkling Stars 45-minute combination class which will charm everyone with a magical journey through dance. Sparkling Stars classes incorporate fresh and exciting monthly themes with learning body awareness, socialization, and coordination.   It’s an amazing and fantastic experience that is sure to bring a smile to both you and your child’s face!

For our 6-10 year olds we offer our Shining Stars 60-minute combination class which thrills with an exhilarating adventure that will bring them more confidence, finesse and a solid dance foundation. They will love the excitement of a new challenge and you will love watching the amazing growth week after week.

For our 11+ Dazzling Stars we offer 30 minute classes in tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, and gymnastics designed to provide challenging, fabulous dance content while developing their self-esteem and a wonderful body positive self-image in our safe non-competitive environment.

For our adults we offer intermediate level classes in Tap as well as Zumba and Flexibility and Grace (ballet and stretch) classes. 

What should I bring?

All our students will need to wear their uniform and bring their tap and ballet shoes, both white, in a small bag.  Our Dazzling Stars will need shoes appropriate for class and knee pads if applicable.

What should I NOT bring?

Please try to leave all toys, jewelry, and food out of children’s bags as it becomes a distraction when we are changing shoes.  If items are brought, they will be held until the end of class or brought out to the parent when found so as not to get lost.

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What is the drop off and pick up procecdure?

As we work with the littlest ones to separate from their parents sometimes a parent may need to come inside for part of a class.  Once separation is established you will be asked wait in the waiting room just in case for a bit.  This helps develop a bond of trust between instructor, student and parent, which will ease the transition in weeks to come.

All other students are to be readied for class in the waiting room and will be brought into the studio when their class starts.   At the end of class children are dismissed from the classroom to the waiting room where they can be picked up.  Any child that is without an adult for pickup will be brought back into the studio until the adult can get there.

How are the students grouped?

Students are initially grouped by age for class.  If  a student’s ability is above their class level, a discussion will be had about moving them into a higher class.

What should I wear?

All classes have a uniform as follows which needs to be purchased through the studio:

Sparkling Stars – pink leotard with attached skirt and pink tights ($35)

Shining Stars – purple leotard and purple skirt with white tights ($35)

Dazzling Stars – black leotard and a choice of black SSDC shorts with tights or black SSDC leggings.  ($40)

An optional winter package of a wrap top and leg warmers for is sold $30, as well as dance shoes needed are sold for your convenience.

What will they be learning?

All the classes learn the fundamentals of dance in the beginning years which moves to more advanced technique as they get older.  Children also learn how to interact and socialize with children of the same age, how to take turns and wait until they are called, how to problem solve using movement as well as strength, coordination and flexibility in our classes.  Older classes also learn about giving back to the community through performances and classes at local nursing homes, libraries and community events.

What qualifications do the teachers have?

All our teachers are certified to teach dance either through Dance Educators of America or Associated Dance Teachers of New Jersey, of which they remain active members.  Miss Katie and Miss Michelle both also hold their Bachelor of Arts in dance education.

Are you insured?

Yes, the studio is fully insured and waivers are required for all participants.

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How do payments work?

Auto pay  will run from your credit or debit card on the 8th of the months that apply to your payment plan.  If you choose to you can pay by cash or check by the 7th of the month and auto pay will not run.

There is a $35 charge for returned checks and $25 for failed auto-pay transactions as the payment is then considered late.

Payments can be made monthly, bi-monthly or half yearly with discounts for multiple months paid up front.

Please note there are no credits or refunds for missed classes, but every effort will be made arrange a makeup class in a similar class.

What is your policy on bullying?

Shooting Star has a zero tolerance policy on bullying.  Please make sure all incidents are brought to the staff’s attention so they can be addressed.

Do you make up missed classes?

Children may make up any class missed in a similar class which is arranged ahead of time.

I have a friend that would like to come along, what do I do?

Great!  We love making new friends.  You can ask them to contact us at info@shootingstardancenj.com to get the ball rolling.  Or with their permission you can give us their information and we will contact them.

Will photographs be taken?

Yes photographs and video will be taken and used for promotional purposes.  A photo/video release is part of your signed waiver.  If that is a problem, please let us know.

Do you have a recital?

Yes, there is an end of the year recital in which all students are invited but not required to participate.  Students must be enrolled by January 25th in order to participate in the recital as costumes are special ordered and enough time must be left to receive them.

The weather is bad – how do I know the studio is closed?

In the case of inclement weather, we follow the Bloomfield Public Schools closings.  If it is after hours or a Saturday, conditions are checked not only of the weather but the street and parking lots to ensure everyone’s safety.  If the studio closes, the voicemail will be updated, you will receive an email and it will be posted on our facebook page.

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